Spice Up Your Diet With Our BBQ Food

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Did you know that our top quality, local meat is ideal for the ketogenic diet and the paleo diet? We focus on lean and fresh products that give you all the great taste you want without compromising on health. You can be sure that Ó Crualaoi puts a lot of care into bringing you the very best of wholesome, delicious food, all of which is fully traceable from farm to fork.

Here in O Crualaoi, we realize that our customers can sometimes feel restricted by diets, and we want to make it as easy as possible to stick to your plan without sacrificing the enjoyment of a variety of food. It’s even easier to enjoy barbecue food this year at Ó Crualaoi, as we have created several excellent BBQ packs so that you can choose all the essentials that your family will love. Our range is designed to make barbecuing simple, and many of our products are ready-marinated so that you simply have to pop them on the grill.

Healthy BBQ Packs From Ó Crualaoi

Both adults and children will love the tasty products in our BBQ packs, and the fitness pack brings you healthier versions of all of your favourite foods.

  • Taken from our Real Food for Fitness range, our Fitness BBQ pack includes great-tasting turkey sausages, turkey burgers, chicken fillets and extra lean steak burgers, all of which will brighten up even the dullest diet plan and give you the variety and flavour you’ve been craving.
  • If you’ve been following the Ketogenic diet, you’re probably fed up of the run-of-the-mill high fat and low carb foods. Our tasty meats won’t compromise your diet, so you can enjoy tucking into barbecued lamb grill sticks, rib-eye steaks or steak burgers, topped off with our keto-friendly deli salads.
  • If you’re a Paleo enthusiast, our grass fed meats will perfectly suit your meal plan this summer. Our chicken fillets, sirloin steak or beef burgers are ready-to-cook on the BBQ, yielding a mouthwatering summer dinner. With foods like this, it’s easy to forget that you’re on a diet!
  • Gluten free eating is easy when you choose from our fantastic ranges of BBQ food, as many of the produce we sell is gluten free! You can talk to us to ensure that your favourites do not contain gluten, and we’ll always be happy to find you a great alternative if necessary.

When you order with Ó Crualaoi, we know you’ll be delighted with the quality and taste that comes with every mouthful, and we hope you’ll come back to us again and again for healthy food that you can tuck into without guilt.

Order With Your Online Butchers In Ireland

You can Click and Collect online today and have your barbecue pack ready to collect in your local store, or talk to our experienced family butchers about the best options for you and your family, whatever your dietary requirements.