Salads & Side Orders


Choice of fresh salads prepared daily in our kitchen:
Homemade Coleslaw (V) (G)
Mashed Potato Salad (Mayonnaise)(V)(G)
Chunky Ham & Potato Salad Vinaigrette(G)
PastaVinaigrette  (V)
Mediterranean Tomato Pasta (V)
Tossed Mixed Leaf Salad (V) (G)
Curried Rice (V) (G)
Celery and Apple (V) (G)
Mixed Bean Salad (V) (G)
Thai Vegetable Salad (V)
Cous Cous (V)
Pesto Pasta Salad (V)

(G) Gluten free (V) Vegetarian

€10.50 per kg tub.  All our salads are supplied in serving containers.  Each 1kg salad order serves 10 people.

If there is a salad that you do not see here, just let us know and we will try to source it for you.

To see our Salad Ingredients, click here

Side Orders

Garlic Gratin Potato (6-8 Portions)  €16.00
Mashed Potato (6-8 Portions)   €15.00
Garlic Bread (2-3 Portions)   €2.50