Here at Ó Crualaoi, our favourite season is approaching. We are the butchers of choice for your quality meats all year round, but our Christmas meats and essentials are something really special, and we can’t wait to share our favourite traditions with you this year. Whether you’re going for the traditional Christmas dinner or trying something new, we’ve got great recipes to inspire and help you with your preparation.

We always aim to deliver a range of meat and delicatessen products that is just right for every occasion, and we’ve come up with an outstanding selection for Christmas this year. One of our most popular products is always our delicious Spiced Beef, which is the perfect way to embrace festive feasting without any stress. Quite simply, we’ve done the hard work for you, so you can just order what you need for your family and sit back and enjoy the compliments as everyone tucks in.

What makes our Spiced Beef Special?

Our Award Winning Spiced Beef is a truly special addition to your Christmas menu, and we’re delighted that we have brought a modern twist to this traditional Cork dish. You and your guests will be astounded by the depth of flavour and intensity that comes from our unique spice blend, and our preparation process ensures that you’ll get the very best taste every time. Read on to find out exactly how we create this outstanding flavour, and talk to your local Ó Crualaoí butcher for more information.

The best beef  To create our Spiced Beef, we choose the very best cuts of local, top quality beef, selecting those leaner cuts that have the best potential for this recipe. All of our meat is locally sourced and fully traceable from farm to plate, as well as conforming to the highest welfare standards. All of this makes a big difference to the taste of our products, and we work hard to ensure that we really are providing the best meat in Ireland.

The best spices  We select our special spice blend, which is a unique recipe made from the highest quality spices from Holland. We refer to it as our secret ingredient, but it’s not just the spices that make the difference – it’s also the way we use them. Fresh spices are a must, as spices are so delicate and lose their punch so quickly, and our combination takes this traditional dish to another level.

The best recipe  We rub our spice blend into the beef and pack it, where it is left for at least a month for the flavours to develop. We use a special rolling technique to imbibe the beef with spices, and we have found that this creates the best results for flavour and taste. When you are ready to cook your beef, we recommend the lowest possible simmer for an hour or so per lb of meat, and then you can switch off and leave overnight to really make the most of the recipe.

Micheál Ó Crualaoí, master butcher at our family owned stores, recently took the time to talk to RedFM radio station about the process of preparation and cooking, and you can see this helpful video here. You’ll hear his recommendation to simply cook your spiced beef with root vegetables, and we can assure you that you and your guests will really taste the difference. Micheál’s passion for creating delicious food shines through, and we are so proud that every member of our team shares this interest in great food and top quality recipes.

Planning Your Christmas Dinner

If you’re welcoming family and friends for Christmas, you’ll want to create a meal to remember and it may feel stressful if you’re catering for several guests with different dietary needs. Here’s our quick guide to making your Christmas meal planning more manageable, so that even the cook can enjoy a Christmas to remember!

Plan your meals in advance  Whether you are hosting for two days or two weeks, you’ll find the whole process much easier when you plan the meals you will be serving in advance. Think carefully about the different dietary requirements of your guests and any particular likes and dislikes, and work out how you will use up leftovers. You can use our ordering service to ensure that you have a freezer full of delicious meals and accompaniments so that you won’t be caught out by an extra visitor or two this year!

Vary your menu  Christmas dinner is a rich and indulgent meal that often requires recovery time, and we tend to eat large meals on Christmas Eve and St. Stephen’s Day, too. It can really help to avoid the bloated and exhausted feelings after eating if you vary your menu by including some light and easy meals on the other days of the festive period, such as soups, salads and simple pasta dishes.

Delegate  Christmas can quickly turn into a nightmare if you have to create three meals a day for a houseful of guests, especially if this includes hungry children. Most people will relish the chance to be helpful and contribute to the festive fun, so don’t be afraid to delegate some of the cooking and preparation work. Perhaps you could ask each adult to take responsibility for one meal, or assign responsibility for washing up after each meal, for example. Even the children can help with simple preparation tasks and clearing up, so make sure that everyone pitches in to ease the pressure.

Talk to your butcher  Your Ó Crualaoí butcher will have many hints and tips to share with you, and these can help to make your Christmas cooking easier. Talk to us about the meals you are planning and we can advise you on the best cuts of meat for your recipes and suggest ideas that could make your life simpler. Our Spiced Beef, for example, is a fantastic tradition that will transform your meal without any extra effort, and you can pick up all of the sauces, stuffing, side dishes and accompaniments you need from us at Ó Crualaoí’s.

A tasty Christmas meal will be the highlight of the festive season, and you can ensure that your cooking stands out from the rest when you make the most of our delicious meats and accompaniments.

Everything You Need For Your Christmas Dinner

As well as our Award Winning Spiced Beef, we have sales on our top quality Free Range Turkey  and Succulent Ham right now. We also supply a wonderful range of accompaniments to finish off your Christmas meal to perfection, including the following:

~ Honey and Mustard Glaze
~ Traditional Fresh Herb Bread Stuffing
~ Goose Fat
~ Homemade Gravy
~ Cranberry Sauce
~ Cooked Festive Red Cabbage
~ Cooked Brussel Sprouts with Pancetta
~ And lots more.

As well as this delicious produce, we have our own Christmas Pudding, Christmas Cake and Mince Pies, so you really can find everything you need for Christmas at Ó Crualaoi.

Order Spiced Beef Online from your local butchers in Ireland

It’s never been easier to order your delicious meat from Ó Crualaoi, and we can help you prepare for a memorable Christmas feast this year. Our Spiced Beef will make your Christmas extra special, and we know your family will love it so much that it will become a new Christmas tradition. Pop into your local Ó Crualaoí store and speak to one of our family butchers, or order online now for all your Christmas essentials this year.

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