Enjoy the Perfect BBQ while Camping

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If there was ever a perfect time for camping – Summer 2018 is it!  Whether you’re heading off into the countryside for a weekend camp or taking a glamping holiday on a popular campsite, make the most of the outdoor experience with a good barbecue with your family/friends.  There’s nothing quite like it!

Barbecuing is a great way to cook while you’re camping, as you can enjoy many different flavours and tastes, and it’s quick and simple, too. It isn’t much more complicated than it is in your own back garden, but our top tips can help you to avoid any potential pitfalls and our BBQ-ready Meat Packs can make it even easier to create the perfect barbecued meal.

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You’ll all enjoy cooking together on your camping trip and dining al fresco. Here are our top tips to make sure it all runs smoothly:

Prepare your equipment. Unless you camp very regularly, you will have to store your kit for long periods of time between trips and this can lead to unanticipated problems at the campsite. Before you go, test out your equipment, especially cooking equipment, and ensure you have all of the bits you need. Check that you have packed charcoal and matches, and don’t forget the cutlery and plates for your family and friends.

Prepare your food. When you’re barbecuing on a campsite, you’ll usually have less space and equipment than you would at home. This means it’s much easier to prepare as much of your food as possible before you set out, and you’ll be glad you did when you can spend more time relaxing by the tent! You can chop and marinate most of your veg and meat beforehand, and partially cook anything you can so that it just needs finishing off on the barbecue.

Buy BBQ-ready foods. You won’t need to spend any time preparing your local, top quality meat when you order one of our ready to cook BBQ packs from Ó Crualaoi. We have a wide range to choose from, including our family pack, fitness pack or build your own pack, so you can be sure that everyone’s favourites will be there. With an excellent variety of sausages, burgers, steaks and chicken fillets, all made from the best lean, local meat, you’ll be the envy of all the other campers on site!

Follow the rules of the campsite. Different campsites have different rules on fires, so you should check what the requirements are before you decide whether you will cook on an open fire, a barbecue or a gas grill. You will need to ensure that your barbecue is used in a safe area, and that it is put out and cleaned away when you have finished with it.

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