Chicken Noodle Salad Recipe

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Full cooking demo can be foundon Instagram @ocrualaoifoods

•2lbs of Indian Curry Stir Fry
•1 packet of medium sized egg noodles (360g)
•3 whole mixed peppers
•3 medium red onions
•1 packet of Mangetout
•2 heads of little gem lettuce

•Half cup of sugar
•Half cup of cider vinegar
•Cup of light olive oil
•Pinch of seasoning



1.Drizzle peppers with olive oil
2.Place Indian Curry Stir fry onto a preheated tray,
then into the oven at 190- 200 for approx. 30
3.Roast red peppers whole drizzled in olive oil for
approx. 35 mins
4.Make the dressing by whisking the sugar and cider
vinegar first, then add the oil and seasoning
5.Cook the noodles for 4 mins after being added to
boiling water. Strain and set aside
6.Mix the noodles, cooked chicken, raw onion, roasted peppers and dressing
7.Leave to cool. Once cooled add the chopped
8.Best served cold! Enjoy!