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Chicken Fillets x 5 (4oz each)

Quantity of 5 x 4oz Chicken Breasts (between 100g-120g each).

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Marinated Chicken Fillets
Marinated Chicken Fillets x 3

Tasty Chicken Fillets - see our flavours

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Marinated Chicken Fillets
Marinated Chicken Fillets x 5

Tasty Chicken Fillets - lots of flavours

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Breaded Southern Fried Chicken (Gluten Free)
Breaded Chicken Breast x 4

Tasty breaded chicken fillets

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Back to School
Family Value Pack

Chicken, Steak Pieces & Mince - All Only €30

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Bargain Pack

10 steak burgers (4oz), 10 turkey burgers (3oz) and 10 chicken fillets

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Striploin Steak
7oz Striploin Steak x 10

Great Value Bulk Buy

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7oz Ribeye Steak x 10

Steak cut from the eye of the Rib.With the right amount of Fat for a Juicy Flavoursome steak

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12 Lamb Burgers

Great Value. Very Tasty.

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5oz Chicken Fillets x 20

Quantity of 20 Chicken Breasts

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Sale! Breaded Chicken Goujons(Gluten Free)
Breaded Chicken Goujons x 3 Bags

Gluten Free - Plain or Southern Fried

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