Lamb Shanks

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Serves: 6

4 Lamb shanks
Flour for dredging
Pinch Salt & Pepper
½ teaspoon of Oregano.
1 Sprig of Thyme
1 Garlic Clove, finely chopped
¾ cup of Onion, chopped
¾ cup of Celery, chopped
¾ cup of Carrot, chopped
¾ cup of Red Wine
¾ cup of stock (using a beef or chicken stock cube)
2 Tbsp Vegetable oil.

Mix flour, salt, pepper and oregano; cover each shank with the seasoned flour.
Heat a casserole dish and brown the shanks in the oil.
Remove from the dish and place on a plate.
Add the vegetables, garlic and thyme to the Casserole dish and cook, stirring until vegetables have softened.
Add the wine and beef bouillon.
Cover and bake in a 350 F oven for 1-1/2 hours, or until the meat is tender and almost falling off the bone.
Thicken the gravy with a little Corn flour mixed with cold water.