It’s BBQ Time!

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Living in Ireland means making the most of the sunshine whenever it appears, and taking every opportunity to get outside and enjoy the summer! We love gathering our friends and family together for a barbecue, and serving the best quality, delicious food will ensure that everyone gets a treat.

Stocking up your freezer means you’ll always have local, healthy meat to throw a last minute barbecue when the sun comes out. We stock a range of products that are perfect for barbecuing, and we know that everyone will find something that they love when you order from us at Ó Crualaoi.

Here’s how to ensure your barbecue goes with a swing:

1. Share the load. Asking your guests to bring a salad can help to ensure that there is plenty of food, and that everyone feels involved. If you’re planning a party or a large event, simply take a moment to plan ahead and ask some guests to bring salad or bread and others to bring a dessert.

2. Don’t forget the drinks. Providing drinks for everyone will soon add up, but if you ask everyone to bring something that they like, you’ll have a great selection without anyone being seriously out of pocket.

3. Remember the chairs. Most of us don’t have enough garden furniture to cater for large parties, so call in some favours and borrow from your friends or neighbours. Alternatively, you could ask everyone to bring a chair with them, or simply spread out some rugs on the ground and make the most of the al fresco experience.

4. Appoint a team of chefs. Getting together to cook with friends is always great fun, so if some of you are in charge of cooking the meat and others responsible for the side dishes, you won’t end up with a neglected barbecue.

Plan A Barbecue With Ó Crualaoi

Did you know that the following essentials for your barbecue are all available to order online at Ó Crualaoi?

• Chicken burgers
• Turkey burgers in a variety of flavours
• Sausages
• Chicken fillets

And you can save money when you buy in bulk: 25 Chicken Fillets and 25 Original Turkey Burgers

So once you’ve got the essentials by ordering your meat online from Ó Crualaoi or collecting it from your local store, you’ll be all set for a great summer occasion.

Buy Healthy Meat For Your Barbecue Online In Ireland

Here at Ó Crualaoi, it’s important to us that the food we sell is produced locally, with full traceability from farm to fork. Our friendly staff can talk you through our special offers and help you to decide which of our products will work best for you, and don’t forget that we have plenty of products for those with special dietary needs, including many gluten free options.

Pop into your local branch or order online for healthier food straight to your door in Ireland.