Inclement Weather? Bulk Buy Your Meat

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This winter, you could save money and time by bulk buying your meat with Ó Crualaoí. You can shop online or visit your local store, and we will provide you with the very best local meat and deli products. We believe in food that is fully traceable from farm to fork, and only the best is good enough for our customers.

Bulk buying your meat is a great way to make the most of meal planning, and when you choose from our versatile range, you can feed your family the healthy way. Use your freezer and save money when you batch cook, and you can get ahead with your organisation and ensure that you eat well with ease.

Our Top Bulk Buy Tips:

Try these excellent options when you order meat online:

  1. 25 Chicken fillets. At only €22.50 for 25 good quality chicken fillets, you can create a wide range of meals and packed lunch ideas to keep your family healthier. Try chicken salads, chicken fajitas or chicken curry to make the most of healthy ingredients and interesting recipes.
  2. 20 Turkey burgers. Our turkey burgers are a delicious option with plenty of tasty herbs and spices to create a variety of flavours. Our 20 turkey burger mix and match option, just €25, allows you to choose the option that each member of the family likes best, and bulk buying means that you keep them in the freezer for convenient healthy food at all times.
  3. Family value pack. When you want to save time and money by buying in bulk, you can’t do better than our family value pack for just €20! With 5 chicken fillets, 1lb of chicken for stir fry, 2lbs of steak mince and 1lb steak pieces, you can keep the basics for a variety of healthy meals in your freezer and get ahead of the game.
  4. Fitness Pack. Bulk buying is a great solution for grilling, so that you always have what you need in your freezer. At just €20, includes healthier options, such as turkey burgers, turkey sausages, chicken fillets and extra lean steak burgers.
  5. Health promotion pack. Eating healthy meals is the best way to take care of your body, and our health promotion pack, just €30, is designed to give you the best of our Real Food For Fitness range. With minced steak, chicken breasts and turkey burgers, you can create healthy meals that everyone will enjoy, every day of the week.

Buy Healthy Meat Online In Ireland

Here at Ó Crualaoí, we supply a wide range of delicious meat and deli products that are produced locally, with full traceability from farm to fork. We want to make life easier for you, so you can choose Home Delivery, Click & Collect or visit your local store in Ireland.


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