Gluten Free Products At Ó Crualaoi

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It is believed that approximately 1% of the Irish population lives with coeliac disease, and many more experience Dermatitis Herpetiformis or gluten intolerance that requires a strict gluten free diet. Awareness of these conditions is greater than ever before, but it can still be difficult to find high quality food that is gluten free.

Here at Ó Crualaoi, we know the value of wholesome, delicious food, and we are proud to say that much of our diverse range is gluten free. Our shops do contain other products and ingredients that contain gluten, but we have a wide gluten free selection, including all of our ‘Real Food for Fitness’ range.

Gluten Free Food In Ireland

Whether you’re local or visiting Ireland, you will love the variety and choice we offer when you are seeking gluten free food. All of the following items are gluten free, and we will always be happy to advise you on the ingredients our products contain and the best options for your dietary needs.

We recommend:

Pies. There’s nothing like a homecooked pie to satisfy the tastebuds, and all our cottage pies, chicken pies, steak pies and fish pies are gluten free.

Soups. We offer a wide range of soups, including several vegetarian options, and most are gluten free. Our mushroom, vegetable, leek and potato and tomato and basil soups are gluten free, and our customer feedback tells us that these are very popular options!

Salads. We create a choice of fresh salads on a daily basis in our kitchens, and most of these are gluten free. We offer a large variety, from homemade coleslaw to potato salad, mixed bean salad and coronation salad, and we are always happy to create new options for you if you cannot see a salad that you would like.

Breaded chicken. Of course, much of our food is gluten free by nature, since it is 100% great quality meat. However, if you fancy a gluten free convenience option, you can treat yourself to our breaded southern fried chicken or chicken goujons. This is a choice that the whole family will love, and we are delighted to be able to offer online shopping direct to your door as well as great service in your local store.

Shop For Healthy Options And Top Quality Meat Products Online

At Ó Crualaoi, we value local meat products that can be traced from farm to plate, and we offer reliable and delicious foods for you and your family to enjoy. You can try our products when you pop into your local store in Wilton, Ballincolllig, Carrigaline or Fermoy, or you can order online at any time to make healthy eating easier.

We’ve got plenty of options that the whole family will enjoy, and we believe that healthy food should always taste great. Talk to our friendly staff for recommendations and further information about our products.


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