Enjoy Spring Lamb

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Eating good quality food, in the season in which it is naturally available, is a very special culinary experience, and it’s important to make the most of it. Of course, when you order online with Ó Crualaoi, it’s possible to fill your freezer and enjoy our tender spring lamb at any time, but there’s nothing quite like the taste of spring lamb in the springtime!

Spring lamb is so called because it is in peak supply during the spring. Traditional breeding cycles mean that lambs are born in the winter and ready for sale in the spring. Spring lambs are generally milk fed and are considered to be particularly sweet as they graze on the fresh spring shoots of grass.

Six Super Spring Lamb Recipes

Make the most of the season and cook yourself up a fantastic family meal with our delicious spring lamb. We have several tasty recipes on our website, and here are a few of our favourite lamb offerings:

Roast leg of spring lamb. It’s traditional for a good reason – it’s simply delicious! Simply pop your lamb in to roast with your favourite veggies and take a springtime stroll while you’re waiting.

Rack of lamb with a herb crust. Here’s a delicious twist to make your rack of spring lamb taste even better. You’ll love this tasty recipe, which makes the most of the unique flavours of pesto and mustard.

Lamb guard of honour. Enlist your butcher’s help to prepare two racks of lamb as a guard of honour, and create this showstopping feast for a special occasion, or simply to enjoy the taste of spring!

Centre loin lamb chops. This is a rich and flavoursome meal idea, making the most of the sweet and succulent taste of fresh spring lamb. Carefully put together by our expert chefs, our recipes combine traditional cooking with unique flavourings to create a simple and delicious result.

Lamb shanks. This recipe is another classic that makes a wonderful main dish for a dinner party or a family meal. This simple and traditional combination of herbs and red wine makes for a truly tasty dish that will win you compliments all round!

Barbecued leg of lamb. Make the most of the spring sunshine with a barbeque, and enjoy spring lamb as a tasty addition to your meal. Our recipe calls on complimentary herbs and spices to create a beautiful marinade you’ll love.

Shop For Spring Lamb And Order Meat Online

At Ó Crualaoi, it’s important to us that we supply local meat products that can be traced from farm to plate. Our goal is to ensure that you and your family enjoy the very best of good quality produce. You can order online at any time, or pop into your local store in Wilton, Ballincolllig, Carrigaline or Fermoy.


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