Party food for Communions and Confirmations

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We’re heading into party season, and here at Ó Crualaoí, that means we’re preparing a delicious menu of party food for you to enjoy. We cater for communions and confirmations, and you can choose from a wide range of hot or cold food options, so head over to our website to check out our party deals and see our party catering menu.

Whether you’re celebrating at home or in a local venue, we can create the perfect menu for you, and you can order in advance and collect your party food on the day, ready to go. Read on for our top tips on making the most of the occasion and throwing a party that everyone will remember for all the right reasons!

Our Party Food Deals

party menuOur party menu is extensive and varied, so you can be sure that there will be something for everyone. We have a range of party deals, ranging from DIY to finger food, and you can rely on us to deliver top quality, delicious food every time.

Choose from our selection:

€60 DIY Party Deal. For just €60, our DIY party deal includes 20 burgers, 20 grill sticks, 20 jumbo sausages and 20 BBQ chicken spears, all ready to cook.

€100 DIY Party Deal. Our €100 DIY party deal includes a great range of top quality meat, including 2kg turkey breast, 2kg ham, 2kg topside beef, 2 bags of goujons and 100 cocktail sausages, all ready to cook so you can be the head chef for the day.

Finger food party deal. Our finger food party deal includes 120 cocktail sausages, 40 chicken wings, 40 chicken goujons and 40 mini sausage rolls, so you can feed 30-40 people, for just €90.

Bumper party deal. If you just want to pick up your food and get the party started, you’ll love our bumper party deal, including 2 platters, containing a full roast turkey breast and half a traditional cooked ham, as well as a 5kg selection of salads. You’ll have plenty of food for 30-40 people, for only €120.

Cooked meat platters. We have an excellent poached salmon platter, or a range of sliced cold meats including beef, ham and turkey to choose from, ranging from €25-€70.

Sandwiches and soups. Our sandwiches and wraps are made with fresh white or brown doorstep bread, and white tortilla wraps, and gluten free options are available on request. You can choose from a great range of fillings, and several soup flavours, to serve 12-15 people for €30 cold or €35 hot.

Oven ready dishes. You can explore our excellent range of oven ready cooked dishes, including Homemade Fish Pie, Lasagne or Cottage Pie, curry or stir fry. This is ideal if you are planning a sit down meal, and will guarantee you the best of home cooked goodness at your convenience.

We also have a great range of cakes, cookies, breads and scones, as well as plenty of other items to build your own party menu. You can talk to one of our party planners to choose the very best options for your party and your guests, and we can also arrange delivery to your home or venue if required.

Planning the Perfect Party

Special occasions call for special celebrations, and if you’re planning a confirmation or communion party, you’ll need to consider several things.

Your guest list. Who will you be inviting to your celebration? If it’s a confirmation or communion party, you’ll probably want to involve your child in the planning process. Many people stick to family only, especially if they have large families, while some include close family friends and neighbours, and others may extend the guest list to local friends and classmates. Think carefully about how many guests you invite as you will need to cater for them all, and don’t be afraid to be ruthless with the invite list as you are likely to have a much better time if you include a smaller selection of people with whom you really enjoy spending time.

Your venue. Will you be throwing your party at home or in a local venue? If you are planning on inviting a large number of guests, you might prefer a hall or club room, or you may find that a party at home is easier to plan for. Whatever you opt for, don’t forget that you may wish to decorate your venue, and you will need to ensure that you collect your party food in time to set it up or cook it before the party begins so that you don’t need to spend the whole day in the kitchen.

Entertainment. When you have a range of children and adults coming to your party, you may wish to think about keeping everyone entertained. It may be that your family members can entertain themselves, catching up with each other if they have not got together for a while, or playing games together, but you may want to consider hiring a children’s entertainer or investing in some outdoor games to keep everyone occupied. Hiring a bouncy castle appears to be a popular option this year, although it is only practical if you have a large outdoor space, and you can tailor your entertainment ideas to suit your budget and your guest list.

Catering. If you’re catering for large numbers of people at any time, it can be stressful. If you’re throwing a party for your child, however, you will want to join in with the celebrations too. Take the pressure off yourself and relax in the knowledge that you’re serving great food that your guests will love when you order party food from Ó Crualaoí. You can choose from a large selection of menus and dishes, as described above, and you’ll find our full catering menu online. Our party planners are on hand to help you make the best decisions, and you can order your food in advance to pick up from your local store on the day of your celebration. Some of our options allow you to cook our pre-prepared dishes and snack items at your own convenience, while others are pre-cooked and ready to go.

Preparation. Preparation is key to make things as easy as possible for yourself. Think about whether you can get the family together to help with the cleaning and tidying before the day, and involve everyone in decorating for the party, too. Children will love to blow up balloons and make banners, and although they may not be as enthusiastic about clearing up their toys, they will probably get involved happily if they know they are preparing for the big occasion. Allocating an area that each member of the family is responsible for can be very helpful, and you may be surprised by how proud even the youngest children will feel when they get involved. Don’t worry about making your house spotless, though, as it’s you and your family that your guests are coming to see, and no-one want you to feel stressed out by the preparations.

Getting the focus right. It’s important that you don’t work yourself into the ground and forget to enjoy the occasion – after all, your child will only experience this day once. Take some time to join in with the celebrations and think about how you will remember the day after it is over. You may wish to ask all of your guests to take photos and share these with you, or you may wish to commission someone specifically to capture the day. Either way, you can collate the photos in a collage for the wall or a photo book to keep, so that you and your child will have a very special keepsake of this memorable day.

Some careful planning will help to ensure that you and your guests can all enjoy a fantastic day, and – most importantly of all – that your child will remember his or her special party forever.

Get Ahead – Order Your Party Food Now

If you’re planning a confirmation or communion and want to serve the very best of local, top quality food, we can help. Whether you are looking for pre-cooked platters of quality-assured meat or ready-to-cook items and homemade dishes, we have a great range to choose from. Pop into your local Ó Crualaoí store and speak to one of our party planners, or click here to make an enquiry now.
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