Great Food For Growing Teens

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If you’re responsible for a teenager who is keen on sport, you’ll probably already be aware that eating and drinking the right things can make an enormous difference to health and to achievements. Being a teenage athlete comes with a responsibility to take care of your body, and this involves understanding your complex nutritional needs.

Paying attention to your nutrition will have many benefits, whether you are involved in sporting activities or not. However, if you are an athlete, it is especially important as eating well can delay fatigue, lower your risk of injury and illness, improve your concentration and performance, and help you to achieve the targets you are setting for your progress.

Nutrition Tips For Teenage Athletes:

Teenage athletes have a specific set of nutritional requirements, since their bodies are still growing and developing while they are taking part in intensive training and activities. Some of the following tips may be useful:

1. Eat regular meals. Don’t skip breakfast, and make sure that you opt for high quality snacks if you are hungry between meals. Check out our recipes online and find some new favourites, so you can introduce your family to some exciting new tastes.

2. Don’t forget about fluids. If you’re thirsty, you’re on your way to dehydration. You may need isotonic drinks if you are exercising for long periods of time, but drinking a good amount of water on a daily basis is essential to a healthy body.

3. Eat carbohydrates before you exercise. A snack or meal that is high in carbohydrates will give your body the energy it needs to exercise if eaten two to three hours beforehand. Try toast with nut butter or a baked potato with beans to balance carbs and proteins.

4. Stick to a plan. If you’re a serious athlete, you’ll have coaches or teammates who will be able to advise you on the best ways to keep your body healthy. A balanced diet is an essential part of keeping fit, and you should seek medical advice if you are not sure that you are meeting your growth and energy requirements.

5. Look for good quality foods. Eating a junk food diet will simply not provide the nutrients you need to perform as an athlete. Choose the foods you eat carefully, and do not compromise on quality to ensure that you are giving your body the best fuel available!

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