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Cooked Meats Menu

Our deli cooked meats are presented on platters and are garnished with seasonal salads.

Cold Meat Platter
Choice of home cooked meats presented on a garnished platter (20 Slices)
Choice of Home Cooked Ham/ Honey Baked Ham/ Slow Roasted Turkey Breast/ Stuffed Turkey Breast/ Slow Roasted Sirloin of Beef/ Spiced Beef/ Corned Beef    
Smoked Salmon and Prawn Platter
Union Hall smoked salmon with cooked peeled prawns presented on a garnished platter with marie rose dip (for approx 10 people) 
Poached Salmon Platter
Poached fillet of fresh salmon presented on a platter with cucumber salad and mayonnaise dip (10 x 140g servings)
Half Home Cooked Ham or Honey Baked Ham (approx 40 slices)  €35  
Whole Home Cooked Ham or Honey Baked Ham (approx 80 slices)
Whole Slow  Roasted Turkey Breast (approx 40 slices)
Slow Roasted Cooked Sirloin of Beef  €28/kg